Remember this, when you step over my door sill, you’ve been raised. You know the difference between right and wrong. Do right. Don’t let anybody else raise you and make you change. And remember this, you can always come home.’

Monday, June 1, 2009

Third grade math!

I'm helping my third grader with her fractions. And I'm pretending I know more than I really do. I coast along getting thru most of the math page agreeing with her answers. She seems to know what she is doing. Then she gets to the challenge part and she's stumped but we manage to come up with some answer's that look like they might be close. Then she reads the last question and in the spirit of just getting it done she whispers "Can I just write I don't know?". Which is precisely what I was already thinking! lol.... I could not help but laugh....... Great I can't wait for 4th grade.

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