Remember this, when you step over my door sill, you’ve been raised. You know the difference between right and wrong. Do right. Don’t let anybody else raise you and make you change. And remember this, you can always come home.’

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Would you admit to ever taking a Pirate Bath? Lol..

Pirate Bath

Urban Word of the Day
The process of washing just the arm pit area and the private area with a wash cloth or handful of water. People will ask you to define a pirate bath, the easy definition is "pits and privates"
Kyle was in a helluva hurry and didn't have time to take a full shower. He instead took a pirate bath and he was on his way.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bump-in-it at work! Saw these at Fred Meyer and decided to try them. I think they will be fun. Hehehe. Hopefully they will not fall out of my hair. That would be embarrassing lol.. Shhhh don't tell anybody..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This was the big family party for Shelby. She's going to have fun this Christmas.

From left to right my sissy Lori, Sister in law Janelle and mom then me.

My dad.

I dyed my hair darker again. But it's still a Golden brown. Or atleast that's what they call it.
Shelby's first birthday she loves her glow bug. You can see it in her reaction. It was cute.

This was her birthday with just us.

They were cute. My favorite was the guy in the back with the purple hair.

My sister in law Janelle and Me. 2009

Millie and her cousin Katie.

The kids were in the Bandon Parade. They got second place. They were cranberry princesses.

Shelby 11 mo

A pretty sunset.
These are some projects I have been working on with my sister at her home. Shannon's room. We were in the process of redoing her room.

Lori's room after we finished the wall treatment. The board's are cedar fence planks. We cut them to fit and put them up with finishing nails. Was very easy.
Another angle of Lori and Gary's room. turned out really great. The before pictures are on her camera.

It is a manufactured home so the walls are hard to paint. They are really slick. So we came up with this instead! And it's way cozier than paint. Don't get me wrong I still love a good paint job. But you should smell this room! :0) This is a before and after picture.