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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Old headboard redo.

I purchased this headboard for $15.00 bucks from a local Facebook sale's group in my area.  Here is my redo!

My tool's
Krylon spray paint in Bahama Sea
Clear glaze tinted with black paint
Plastic candle wall sconce from second hand store with candle part removed
Two plastic black bead necklace's
Wood glue
Paint brush
Old rag

When I first purchased this I gave it a good scrubbing with soap, water and a hose then let it dry in the sun.  Next I knocked off any loose paint however imperfection's help add character during the glazing process.

I chose Bahama Sea Krylon spray paint in gloss.  When spray painting take your time the first mist of paint helps create a surface for the rest of the paint to adhere too.  If you get to excited and spray to much it will run and you will create more work for yourself DON'T DO IT!

I think she need's some fancy throw pillow's now, that will be my next project maybe I can get her aunt Janelle to do them hehe...
I Added the beaded necklace and candle wall sconce I purchased at my local thrift store.  I used regular wood glue and let it set up all night by the wood stove.  Then I glazed the project the next day which I learned from this crafty lady have fun doing your own project and share them with me I want to see!!