Remember this, when you step over my door sill, you’ve been raised. You know the difference between right and wrong. Do right. Don’t let anybody else raise you and make you change. And remember this, you can always come home.’

Monday, April 26, 2010

I took Maliyah and her school friends to the Pottery Co for some birthday fun they each painted something. I was so impressed with Millies choice of friends they were all very nice girls. I hope this continues the rest of her life!! Good job Millie. :0)

This was on Maliyah's 10th birthday this past weekend. Her cousin Brooklyn celebrated hers the same day and had this slide! Which was perfect cause they all got to enjoy it at the same time! All these kids pictured are Millie's cousin. These pictures crack me up!

I planted my first garden ever and I am so excited!! According to the directions I should be able to harvest radishes in 22 days! lol..... My family has grown gardens my whole life, this is my first time not just being an observer but a participator. I've been behind a computer to long. Actually I lived in apartments way to long. Although once I threw some tomato seeds on the ground and it was like the Octo-mom moved in under my bedroom window! I had tomatoes every where, I ate them like apples my lips were stained red and I had canker soars for weeks!

It's raining cats and dogs right now so I have buckets under my gutter spouts in my effort to go green! I was inspired by earth day watching all the "green" ideas on HGTV. I just hope it does not cause my freshly dug garden to slide off the hill I put it on. Oh and I named my little veggie patch "patch of heaven" off of cartoon "Home on the Range". I'll paint a sign for it later. I'm on a budget as always so for five bucks I started it all from seed! I even planted pumpkins for the fall!!! The pictures are of every thing I have planted but not my actual harvest! I'll add pictures of my little patch of heaven when I upload them! Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I work the graveyard shift tonight and a storm has just rolled in off the coast the wind is howling. The rain is blowing in under the door, I can hear dripping noises and the long gorse grass is whipping violently. Most people would be worried or scared, but I on the other hand, like storms as long as people are safe, I'm game! The Oregon coast is beautiful you are missing out if you have not visited yet!