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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ever had a feeling about somthing but felt powerless? Well it does not have to be that way.

Have you ever been sitting in the Dr office with your baby about to get them their latest round of Vaccinations and had questions or a nagging feeling? But didn't act on it because you felt like maybe you were over reacting. Besides the Dr made you feel like you had no choice? I have. When I was a new young mom, I felt like I had no choice about getting my daughter vaccinated. And was too nice to speak up about the things that bothered me. And even if I did I still accepted what ever I was told. I always felt weird about taking my daughter in for three or four shots in one visit and helping to hold her down while two nurses gave them at the same time. They would give me a paper of possible side effects and even tell me to give her pain reliever before I brought her in for her shots. I always hated those appointments and never felt right about them to begin with. I just thought people would think I was crazy if I didn't do what every one was doing or telling me I should be doing. I even remember people acting like I was a sloppy mom because I didn't have all her shots written down and was late getting her shots by months or a year according to what was "recommended". I wasn't being a careless mom I just didn't feel comfortable about the whole process. Non the less I took Millie in and had them done. Although I don't believe I will take her in for anymore in her life time.

The first time I met some one who had a child that was Autistic was on my daughters 2 birthday at the park in Coos Bay Or. It was totally random and we asked her mom if she could have a birthday cupcake and she said no thank you as fast as I could offer the cupcake. Then she began explaining that her daughter was deathly allergic to almost every thing under the sun. As well as being Autistic. She told me that she fully believed it was the vaccines that caused her daughters condition. She was born a normal healthy baby and things went wrong only after receiving her vaccinations. From that day on it has never left my memory. Then I moved to Washington and met another person who has a daughter that was normal at birth but after receiving vaccinations soon was given the Autism diagnosis. My friend suspects the Vaccinations but is to nice a person to point blame and stops short of saying it as fact because the Dr says it can't be proven. Then another friend of mine met some one else who has three children two of which have autism. Her first two children developed it shortly after receiving a round of vaccinations and so she waited and did not vaccinate her third child and he is the only one who is not autistic. Then I had some professional pictures done of my growing belly and family and found out the photographers son was also autistic and she remembers the day he received a certain vaccine and it sent him off the charts she says. He is also allergic to tons of things. And she is con viced it is the vaccinations that triggered it. Since then she has chosen not to vaccinate her second child and has a happy healthy 4 year old.
It is Something I have always had reservations about. It's just now in my life that I feel I have more of a voice and am not afraid to think differently and choose my own path. So I am researching. and Educating myself on this issue that has always been in the back of my mind. If your interested here are some links that people have shared with me. Did you know that it is not law to have your children vaccinated and they can still go to school.

Ever noticed that Autism is every where now its an epidemic? Do you know some one that has Autism or, Add, or ADHD we have a medication for everything now a days. And they are coming out with new disorders all the time and guess what we have a medication for that too!! Did you know that Autism is a Central nervous system disorder?
Try this Google ADHD and the first couple things that pop up are "find out about medication available for children" and ADHD not just a childhood disorder learn about ADHD in adults". Not kidding folks we are poisoning ourselves. And take medicine for everything. And getting vaccinations for every thing under the sun. Only in America........