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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Went Grocery shopping today! Saved a total of 92.88! I clipped coupons all day and matched them with the items already on sale. It did take a looooooong time to assemble my shopping list, but paid off! My Bill was originally 197.77 and after I gave all my clipped coupons combined with the in-store savings I cute my bill almost in half shaving off 92.88! That's a 47% savings. I paid 104.89 instead of 197.77 I was pretty stoked and people were wishing they had coupons for their stuff!

Also shopped at walgreens my bill started at 52.98 and after they scanned all my coupons combined with the in store savings I paid only 31.24. That was 21.74 saved 41% savings.

The very first time I decided to clip and save I went grocery shopping at Albertsons. My bill totaled 180.43 after the in store savings and my clipped coupons I saved 94.49 and only paid 85.94! A 52% savings! After that I had to do it again! It's fun to get the things you want and not pay the marked price. I would rather have more money in my pocket than burn it up like that. One of the secrets is stick to the list. Even though you may need more things than you buying wait till they are on sale next time to buy them. Once you start to stock pile you will soon be able to narrow your list each time. The stores are counting on getting you thru the door with the advertised deals and then hope you will buy other things at normal price because you need them! So just stick to the sales and use your coupons! Buy you Sunday paper and get the manufacturer coupons. Even if you don't use them all up the first shopping trip save them because they are usually good for a few months. Then wait for the item to go on sale at the store and then use the coupon to discount the item even further! It does take some work but it is so much fun at the register! I would suggest getting your husband or a good friend to sit and assemble the shopping trip with you. That will make it easier when matching the coupons with the sales. There is also a web site that makes it a little easier and puts together the sales and the coupons and tells you were to find and clip the coupons. It's called the and yes there's a small fee. But it does take away allot of the headache! But I am too broke to pay for the service so I just do it myself! I like the challenge. So far my total savings have been 209.11!!!!!!!!!

I am Officially addicted!

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