Remember this, when you step over my door sill, you’ve been raised. You know the difference between right and wrong. Do right. Don’t let anybody else raise you and make you change. And remember this, you can always come home.’

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm making the effort to do more of the things I love. This is the latest paint project.

Painted Solvita a flower pot for her birthday. This just reminds me how much I love being creative. I need to do things I enjoy more often. I realized that I try to be productive every single day and do things that need to be done. I don't necessarily enjoy them but I'm the only one who gets them done. And I forget to do things I enjoy. I get so wrapped up doing for others.

I wanted to show all the sides so there are three pictures.

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The Sheaffer family said...

They are so cool. I really love mine!