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Friday, January 16, 2009

Millie got her hair cut. The glitter is a little creation of hairspray and glitter.

Millie in another one of her crazy outfits for school. She is my little fashion designer!

Shelby had a death grip on Millie's hair and they were all laughing about it.

My little model..

She's wearing Mommy's earrings.

Shelby watching the inauguration.

I took Pictures of Millie 8 years ago on this same blanket so I thought I would do the same with Shelby.

Here's Millie's Picture next to Shelby..

Shelby checking mommy out...

Shelby looks like my baby pictures in this one. I think she's gonna be a talker..

My little sweetheart 4 months old.. Shelby was mad at mommy

She was happy moments before

This cracks me up.. She looks like she is yelling at you..

Sunrise on a misty morning Jan 2009.

My friends baby she's about one month old here. She reminded me of a little Who off the cartoon Horton hears a who.

Shelby is so big now. She makes her younger friends look itsy bitsy. lol..

Shelby 4 months Jan 2009

My pretty sister in law Kylie. We're trying to marry her off to a good man! lol..... This picture is so goofy. You can almost see Millie's new teeth under the gums. She was a 2ND grader here...

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Kim said...

How FUNNY!! Gavin's gums look that way too.. You know they are going to pop out soon!