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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Went to the DR today

Had an ultrasound of Shelby to check her kidney's. They are slightly larger and so they want to keep an eye on her. So I get another ultrasound on the next appointment. They say she looks great and they are still with in normal range but want to keep an eye on them. She's head down already. Maybe she has plans for an earlier birthday than we have planned for her. I don't much care for the ultrasound lady she has no bed side manner. She is nothing but business and does not slow down to let you enjoy anything. They allot 15 min per ultrasound but she does it in less than a min in a half. I think I'm going to leave a comment card. After all I'm paying her right? It's been that way since ultrasound one and has never changed. Grrr I at least would like to see my girl for a min or two on the screen. Wonder if any one else feels the same? Anyway here's the pictures taken today!!

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